Thales e-Security, it was said that you would destroy evil, not join it!

07:10, 08.06.2022

Recently Thales, a global leader in cybersecurity and data protection, has published the latest edition of its Thales Cyberthreat Handbook 2022. It reveals insights into cyberthreats originated by hackers, criminal organizations and state-sponsored forces.

However, the thing is that Thales’ subsidiary – Thales e-Security – works with one of the biggest perpetrators of cyber attacks in the world. The name of this criminal is russia. It’s a kind of hypocrisy, isn’t it?

In its report, Thales writes that it “serves 130 major customers worldwide, including governments, critical national infrastructure providers and public administrations. The Group provides cybersecurity for 19 of the world's 20 largest banks, nine of the 10 Internet giants, as well as thousands of businesses of all sizes”.

Meanwhile, its subsidiary Thales e-Security also serves the critical banking sphere of Russia. It works with such russian banks as Vostochny Bank, Rosgosstrakh Bank, SNGB (Surgutneftegazbank), Sberbank and Alfa-Bank. All of them are under international sanctions. Thales e-Security was supposed to stop its cooperation with these clients but it hasn’t yet.

“Since the pandemic began, our societies have witnessed a major surge in malicious cyber activity,” says Patrice Caine, Chairman & CEO – Thales Group. “We may not always be immediately aware of this vulnerability, but it represents a real risk to our economies, our democracies and our daily lives”.

Do you know what else poses a threat to our economies, our democracies and our daily lives? russia.

The 2022 Thales Cyberthreat Handbook also reports a rise in the number of state-sponsored attacks over the last five years.

Once again. Do you know where the most cyberattacks came from in 2021? From russia again. 58% of all cyberattacks observed by Microsoft from nation-states have come from Russia.

The ESCU calls on Thales Group, including Thales e-Security, to stop all its operations in russia, as it poses threat not only in the cybersphere but to the whole civilized world!