Tetra Pak will finally stop exporting its products to russia!

13:16, 15.06.2022

The Swedish company Tetra Pak produced seven out of ten packages of milk and juices in russia. But it won't do that anymore.

We welcome the decision of the Swedish National Trade Council to refuse Tetra Pak's request to supply components for the Lobnya factory in the Moscow region.

The newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that the world leader in the production of packaging was among a number of Swedish companies that appealed to the National Council to exempt them from sanctions. Tetra Pak explained its position by humanism. The company, they say, wants to be able to provide children with "humanitarian aid in the form of food." However, it is unable to do so because the factory in Lobnya is reliant on component supply. 

Exporting them to russia is prohibited as of April 8, following the adoption of the EU's fifth package of sanctions. Tetra Pak did not hide its concerns about losing assets in russia: if the company refuses to operate in the russian market, terrorist state authorities may nationalize them.

The justifications were deemed insufficient by the National Council. As a result, Tetra Pak is considering filing an appeal. russia accounts for 4% of Tetra Pak's global sales, which totaled 380 million euros in 2021. 

It should be noted that the Swedish National Trade Council is a regulator authorized to make decisions within the framework of sanctions policy by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And what is probably still not obvious to big business is well understood by the government of a NATO-aspiring country: the security of Europe and the world depends on the efforts of every government, every company, and every citizen to pursue the economic and therefore political weakening of russia.

Working another year in russia is a matter of 380 million euros only. Leaving russia without seven out of ten packages, as well as taxes, innovative solutions, and investments, but with shame and isolation, is priceless.