The Economic Security Council of Ukraine found out how the Kazakh Labnet Group works on the occupied territories of Ukraine and in russia

08:08, 20.07.2022

●     Invivo is a Kazakh network of clinical laboratories operating in Ukraine. Before the full-scale war, it had 130 collection points and clinics in Ukraine. Today, 85 collection points are working in Ukrainian cities, where many Ukrainians come to get their tests done. Nevertheless, this network turned out to be connected with Russia and Donetsk region.

●     The network of Invivo laboratories is part of the Kazakh holding Labnet Group. In addition to Invivo, as of Dec. 14, 2021, the holding included the following networks of laboratories:

-       Laboratory of Bonetsky;

-       MedLabExpress (works in russia);

-       Center "Medis" (works in russia);

-       Laboratory Diagnostics Center (works in russia).

●     You can also easily find a network of laboratories with the same name Labnet, which also works in russia and has a license from Invivo-Clinic LLC.

●     Even though Russia has started a full-scale war in Ukraine, the laboratories MedLabExpress, Center "Medis", Center for Laboratory Diagnostics and Labnet (LLC "Invivo-Clinic") still continue to work on the territory of russia. These companies participate in government purchases worth millions of dollars and pay taxes used to purchase weapons to kill Ukrainians.

●     In particular, in 2020, MedLabExpress paid 35.6 million rubles (around $566,600) in taxes and fees to the russian state budget. In addition, the company is an active participant in state tenders. Since 2010, it has concluded 149 contracts worth 215.4 million rubles (around $3.43 million). In particular, MedLabExpress continued to sign contracts with russian state institutions after Feb. 24, 2022.

●     In 2020, the Center "Medis" paid more than 3.3 million rubles ($52,400) in taxes and fees to the state budget of russia. Over all the years of its existence, the company has signed 48 contracts with state customers for more than 25.1 million rubles ($398,600). In particular, in March 2022, "Medis" won a tender for the provision of analysis (testing) services for the determination of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) by the polymerase chain reaction method for the Ministry of Agriculture of russia. The contract had a value of 5 million rubles ($79,500).

●     In 2020, the Center for Laboratory Diagnostics paid more than 6.8 million rubles ($107,700) in taxes and fees to the budget of russia. Over the years of its work, the network of laboratories has signed 130 contracts with state institutions for more than 29.3 million rubles ($464,200). The latest of them were dated Mar. 28 and Apr. 25, 2022, i.e., after the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine.

●     Invivo Clinic LLC (the Labnet laboratory network) was registered not so long ago – on Sep. 22, 2021 –that's why there's no data available on taxes and fees it paid. Despite the recent registration, the company has already won 4 public tenders worth 7.7 million rubles ($122,100). They were all dated March 2022, i.e., after the beginning of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine. Among the customers are two major russian public institutions: the Pension Fund and the All-russian Academy of Foreign Trade of the Ministry for Economic Development of russia.

●     The network of Invivo laboratories, which is part of the Labnet Group holding, uses a laboratory information system (LIS) from Siroca Technology, as evidenced by a review of Invivo development director Roman Chernov on the Siroca Technology website. In addition, it is used by another network of laboratories "Diagnostic Pasteur", which works in the occupied Donetsk. This is evidenced by a post on the Siroca Technology page on Facebook and its presentation.

●     But who owns Siroca Technology, which collects data of Ukrainians and has clients in the occupied Donetsk? It turns out that the beneficiaries of both Invivo and Siroca Technology are the same people.

●     According to open data, the founders of Siroca Technology are Labnet Limited Liability Company, Gaynatulin Rustam and Toichubaev Tolandu. Rustam Gaynatulin is also the head of Invivo Pharm, which includes several Invivo laboratories in Kazakhstan. It proves the connection between Labnet, Invivo and Siroca Technology.

●     The fact that Invivo, Siroca Technology and Labnet are closely related can be confirmed by the legal address, as well. All these companies are registered in Kazakhstan, Almaty, Karasai Batira St. 123.

●     In fact, the Kazakh holding Labnet now threatens the national security of Ukraine because the company Siroca Technology operates on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

●     Moreover, working in Russia, companies from the Labnet holding help Russia to finance and continue the war against Ukraine because they pay taxes to the state budget of russia and sign contracts with russian state institutions.

●     Furthermore, using Siroca Technology's LIS Invivo laboratories require customers to provide personal information such as passport details, phone number and email. Considering the fact that Siroca Technology delivers its services to clients in the occupied Donetsk and russia, we cannot be sure of the security of Ukrainian clients' data.

●     The ESCU calls on Siroca Technology to stop providing services to customers in the occupied Donetsk and russia. Besides, MedLabExpress, Center "Medis", Center of Laboratory Diagnostics and Labnet (LLC Invivo-Clinic) must stop working in russia.