The Economic Security Council has investigated the activities of Rybinskkabel, a company that manufactures components for tanks used for invading Ukraine

08:54, 30.05.2022

Rybinskkabel is located in the Yaroslavl region, russian federation. The company employs 2,000 people. The plant manufactures components for tanks used for invading Ukraine. The Economic Security Council has found that Rybinskkabel is using the offshore company TETRAST CO LIMITED to circumvent sanctions.

The items manufactured by the Rybinskkabel are used in the Soyuz and Proton carrier rockets, the Progress spacecraft, and also russian air defense radar systems, T-90 tanks, and other war materials used by russia in the war against Ukraine. In particular, for example, on May 9, 2022, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed a russian tank T-90M Proryv (Breakthrough), modification T-90, destroyed by the Ukrainian military.

In 2021, Rybinskkabel’s revenue was 7 billion rubles (120.2 million USD). From 2019 to mid-April 2022, the founders of the company were Sergey Prokhorov and the Cypriot company "TETRAST CO LIMITED" that had Sergey Prokhorov among the directors.

a still from a Ukrainian Armed Forces video

a still from a Ukrainian Armed Forces video

Today, Prokhorov is a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Krai and a member of the pro-Putin Liberal Democratic Party of russia. Local media call Prokhorov an oligarch. According to the media in 2018, he bought the landfill site and was going to build a cottage town there. One of Prokhorov’s partners was the Vice-Presiden of Rosneft Andrey Shishkin.

Later, the record of Prokhorov and his offshore company as the founders of Rybinskkabel has been removed from the registers. It looks like an attempt to avoid possible sanctions.

Given all the evidence, the Economic Security Council of Ukraine calls on Europe to add the russian company Rybinskkabel to the sanctions list. We also call on Cyprus, which has joined the EU sanctions, as well as other European countries to impose sanctions against TETRAST CO LIMITED, which can be used to circumvent the sanctions.

The activities of these companies help russia to terrorize Ukraine.

By depriving the aggressor country of support, we will be able to bring Ukraine closer to victory!