Let us know about companies that violate sanctions!

14:23, 10.06.2022

The EU Sanctions Whistleblower Tool has been launched in the EU.

On the site, you can report violations of EU sanctions (both individual/personal and sectoral) or plans to circumvent the sanctions. The application can be submitted anonymously.

Unfortunately, there is no similar tool in Ukraine yet. The National Agency for Prevention of Corruption has created an online platform where you can anonymously report the assets of those involved in Russia's aggression against Ukraine. However, this tool does not allow reporting information on the circumvention of sanctions imposed by Ukraine, the EU, the US, the UK, or other countries.

The ESCU has so far conducted numerous investigations into cases of sanctions violations, as well as sent reports to the competent authorities of Ukraine and our international partners, including the EU. However, we want to do more.

The ESCU initiates Ukraine Sanctions Whistleblower Tool. Let us know about facts of circumvention of sanctions or schemes to evade economic restrictions that are only planned by e-mail secretary@reb.org.ua or on Facebook. The ESCU will provide relevant information to international or foreign institutions so that they can initiate an investigation. If necessary, the ESCU will guarantee anonymity to applicants. At the same time, the ESCU will report on the status of each case and publicly inform about the results of the campaigns.

Evil must be punished!