Ukrainian Directorate of Intelligence relaunches “War & Sanctions” Online Portal

16:34, 03.06.2024

The "War & Sanctions" platform, originally developed by the NACP team at the onset of the full-scale invasion, has found a new home. The online portal has been transferred to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) and resumed its operations in early June. 

The transfer of all databases of the portal significantly enhances its capacity. As an intelligence agency and participant in the Government's Expert and Interagency Working Groups on Sanctions Policy, the DIU can officially and more effectively uncover the plans, capabilities, and schemes of the aggressor and its supporters. 

Moreover, the relaunch of the "War & Sanctions" portal marks the first instance globally where a state intelligence agency shares such a vast amount of open data with the world. This will facilitate coordination among the intelligence community and governments within the sanctions coalition, which is crucial for increasing pressure on the aggressor and its allies. 

Currently, the relaunched portal provides information on individuals involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children, as well as on foreign components found in Russian weapons. 

In the near future, the online platform will expand to include lists of individuals who are or should be subject to sanctions, databases of artworks owned by sanctioned individuals, as well as ports and airports aiding Russian aggression. Additionally, the "War & Sanctions" portal will soon feature a "War Instruments" database, compiling details on machinery and other industrial equipment from foreign brands used by Russian weapons manufacturers. 

Why is the platform important not only for the ESCU but also for other public organizations, private enterprises, media, and authorities worldwide? 

Enhancing Pressure on the Aggressor: 

  • Rapid information exchange: The platform allows for quick sharing of data on sanctions and crimes committed by Russia and its allies, filling a critical information gap for Ukraine’s partners. 
  • Comprehensive approach: The portal covers various areas of impact, enabling pressure on the aggressor not just economically, but also politically, reputationally, etc. 

Facilitating Sanctions Compliance: 

  • Counterparty verification: Businesses can use the portal to check their counterparts, investments, and deals for sanction risks, avoiding partnerships with unreliable entities and reputational damage. 

Countering Evasion Schemes and Sanctions Violations: 

  • The platform serves as a "digital weapon," exposing what Russia tries to hide. It provides verified data on Russian crimes to anyone worldwide: citizens, officials, investigators, and business representatives. 
  • Evidence base: Once completed, the portal will contain detailed information on: 
  • Over 3,100 foreign components in Russian weapons; 
  • Nearly 300 foreign equipment units used for their production; 
  • All sanctions imposed against Russia and its allies (11,047 individuals and 8,517 entities). 

All in all, "War & Sanctions" is a powerful tool that helps the public and journalists access a library of evidence and facts for their investigations, enables businesses to safeguard themselves from risky dealings, and allows the state to synchronize actions and policies, thereby improving the fight against sanctions evasion.