Second year of full-scale invasion: new sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine

17:38, 30.01.2024

According to information from Western journalists, confirmed by sources within the Economic Security Council of Ukraine, the European Union is preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia and is also working on increasing financial support for Ukraine ahead of the second anniversary of the full-scale war. These steps are a response to the need to restore the volumes of Western aid to Ukraine, which have decreased since the beginning of the Russian invasion. 

In particular, the Financial Times reports: "The package includes a 13th set of restrictions on businesses and individuals connected to the 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine, as well as a long-delayed agreement on €50bn for Kyiv over the next four years, some of which could be paid out as soon as a deal is struck, according to people familiar with the preparations. Another €5bn in military assistance per year and a decision to set aside profits arising from Russia’s frozen assets are also part of the overall set of support measures." 

Ilona Khmeleva, Secretary of the Economic Security Council of Ukraine, considers the EU's decision an important demonstration of solidarity with Ukraine. It shows the unwavering support of the democratic world not only since the beginning of the full-scale invasion but also over the 10 years of armed aggression. 

The short period between the adoption of the previous sanctions package and the start of work on a new one is a positive signal, indicating the EU's determination to intensify economic pressure on Russia and ensure proper implementation of the already imposed sanctions.