The Economic Security Council reveals how Danieli helps russia to produce nuclear reactors and tanks

08:21, 06.06.2022
  • Danieli & C. SpA is an international Italian-based company with a subsidiary in the U.S. Danieli USA is located in Cranberry Twp, PA, and includes Danieli Corporation, Danieli Taranis, and Danieli Centro Recycling. Globally, Danieli manufactures a lot of equipment for the metallurgical industry.
  • The company has branches in such russian cities as Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, and a massive and sophisticated Danieli Volga facility in Dzerzhinsk.
  • The company tries to hide the information about its russian clients. That's why the page containing this list has become no longer available on Danieli's official website. Nevertheless, using the Wayback machine, we accessed this list.
  • Danieli's key partners in russia: 
  • Viksun Metallurgical Plant (manufactures pipes for Nord Stream II);
  • Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works (produces specific parts for Russian aircraft and is owned by a sanctioned Russian tycoon Viktor Vekselberg);
  • Severstal (owned by Alexei Mordashov, also sanctioned);
  • Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant (holding joint actions with the Union of Volunteers of Donbas, an organization of Russian mercenaries close to Wagner Group).
  • It is important to add that the MMP enterprise is a "city-forming" enterprise for Magnitogorsk. Furthermore, Magnitogorsk is known in Russia as a "mono-city", i.e. unable to exist without MMP. Therefore, the MMP director has a direct influence on the local authorities. 
  • On April 13, the limited company "Corporatsiya "Krasnyi Oktyabr" expressed its gratitude to Danieli for the continued cooperation in its official press release. Moreover, in the nearest future, "Krasnyi Oktyabr" will receive another machine tool from Danieli.
  • Limited company "Corporatsiya "Krasnyi Oktyabr'" is one of the largest Russian special steel producers manufacturing pressure vessels for nuclear reactors of Russian submarines and protection for the cutting-edge T-14 "Armata" Russian tanks.
  • Consequently, we created a website explaining Danieli's activities in Russia and their implications. In response to the site's appearance, Danieli accused us of a crime, and hired cybersecurity experts IntSights, a Rapid7 company from the U.S.
  • A quote from a letter received by the hoster reads as follows: "This site directly threatens our client by using their name and identifiers to steal sensitive information from their customers. It operates illegally, and it is active in aiding criminals in their fraudulent activities."
  • IntSights, a Rapid7 company, could not help but understand the purpose for which we created our site. And they could not help but see that this could not be an attempt to steal information from their customers. But because of their unjustified accusations, Amazon has blocked our resources.
  • Considering all these facts, the ESCU calls on Danieli to stop working with russian clients, as it helps russia to commit hostilities in Ukraine.